Stockton Teens Involved in Major Car Crash Honored at Graduation

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STOCKTON -- It's this teacher's pride and joy to read her students names every year at their graduation ceremony.

Mrs. Dorman never expected that she wouldn't get the chance to read her son's name but, accepting Dean Dorman's diploma for him is nothing less than a gift.

At least she gets to give it to her son.

"The hardest part is Dean's best friend that passed away. His grandma is gonna be here to pick up his diploma," Michele Dorman said.

Jonathan Sanchez was her son's best friend.

Jonathan was killed when he was ejected from the passenger seat of Dean's car back in March when it swerved off the road and hit a tree along I-5 in Stockton.

They were driving home from celebrating Dean's 18th birthday.

Dean survived but with a severe traumatic brain injury; he still cant speak or walk.

"We talk to him about graduation. I believe he knows," Michele Dorman said.

So tonight, the McNair High School class of 2017 is walking for them, too.

"Our school doesn't allow us to decorate our hats so I put his picture on the inside," Daisy Contreras said.

Contreras says Jonathan worked very hard to graduate and that it signifies so much to see his family accepting his diploma -- not only to her, but to all of these students.


As they celebrate this moment and look forward to their futures, they remember their two friends so they wont miss out on this moment.