FDA: Three Modesto Restaurants May Have Fish Contaminated with Hepatitis A

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MODESTO — Three restaurants in Modesto may have served tuna contaminated with Hepatitis A.

Some imported frozen tuna cubes and steaks are being recalled after testing showed they could be contaminated with the virus.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says Hawaii-based Hilo Fish Company told the agency in May it had recalled yellowfin tuna that tested positive for the virus. Hilo says the fish was sourced from Sustainable Seafood Company in Vietnam and Santa Cruz Seafood Inc. in the Philippines.

Some products were distributed to retail locations and restaurants in California, Texas and Oklahoma.

There was a total of 70 cases containing 700 pounds of 8oz yellowfin tuna steaks and 188 cases containing 2820 pounds of yellow fin tuna cubes distributed between California and Texas.

The FDA released a list of restaurants that may have bought contaminated fish from the Hawaii-based company.

Three Modesto restaurants — Camp Four Wine Café, Fuzio’s and Galetto Ristorante — may currently have potentially contaminated tuna in commerce.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not aware of any illnesses reported linked to the tuna but they advise anyone vaccinated who may have consumed contaminated fish in the last two weeks be treated.

Hilo Fish Company’s recalled products include 8-ounce steaks with label code 627152, and tuna cubes in 15-pound cases with label code 705342.

The CDC says hepatitis A is a liver disease that can be transmitted through food or skin-to-skin contact.