Woman Arrested for Car-Ramming Spree Speaks Out from Jail

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SACRAMENTO -- The woman accused of a car-ramming spree has spoken out from the Sacramento County Jail. She answered the question people have been asking since FOX40 shared the bizarre video -- why would someone do this?

Roslyn Phipps was arrested June 3 and charged with five counts of assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of vandalism in connection with the series of car collisions on May 20 at the Arco on Northgate and San Juan in South Natomas.

Phipps allegedly intentionally slammed into three cars; two cars had people inside.

Phipps admitted to FOX40 she was behind the wheel, but says she was the one being chased, and she is the victim.

“The guy was approaching, like coming towards my car," Phipps said. "So I put it in drive, because it was in neutral, it flew forward."

That is how Phipps says she came to slam her Land Rover into a white Lexus that has just pulled into the gas station parking lot.

Phipps says a man, who doesn’t appear in any of the four angles of the approximately four minute long video obtained by FOX40, was threatening her.

“I went around this way because I didn’t want to back up in front of him because I didn’t know if he was going to grab my door, so I backed up like this and my car hit another car,” Phipps said.

However, her account of who hit who did not always match up with the video.

Video shows Phipps ramming the white Lexus twice, but she claims the man chasing her was in that same car.

The 38-year-old says she left the gas station, parked and was attacked by another car full of people.

According to her, this wasn’t the first time she has been attacked in her car.

In fact, she says a man and woman have been after her since February and she’s repeatedly tried to report it to authorities. She tells FOX40 she has been requesting protective custody from authorities for months and she doesn’t think she should faces charges because she says she feared for her life.

FOX40 reached out to some of the victims and they said they did not see anyone chasing Phipps.

Phipps declined to answer questions about whether she had ever been reviewed for mental health issues.