American Hero Wedding Couple 2

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Today we got to meet the three lucky couples who are finalists in Studio40 Live's American Hero Wedding Giveaway!  Meet couple number 2, Meranda Fuller and Branden Honeycutt!  Branden was in the Marine Corps for 4 years.  He did two tours, one in Iraq and one in Okinawa.  In addition, he was awarded the Purple Heart!  Branden is really passionate about donating blood, do to the fact that he has the rare blood type of CMV negative.  He has donated an astounding 223 times, which equates to almost 28 gallons donated!  They met each other through mutual friends online and have been together ever since.  They now have two children, Davie and Clayton.  If you want to vote for Meranda and Branden, head to the link below!

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