Thieves Strike Little League Snack Bar

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RANCHO CORDOVA -- Thieves broke into the Rancho Cordova Little League's snack bar over the weekend, badly damaging a heavy steel door and helping themselves to a lot of food, according to the league president.

The damage was discovered Sunday morning. It appeared to be the work of more than one person, judging from the amount of food that was taken.

“Unexpectedly, when we went inside, nothing was really destroyed except for all the food," said league president Dennis Lamantia. "They went through the food, they cooked the food, they ate a lot of food."

Rancho Cordova police responded to the scene. The league is not looking for justice. Instead, Lamantia explained, he wishes the thieves would just realize they are hurting kids by stealing from the league.

“The snack bar has helped us a lot raise money for us to play baseball,” said a baseball player named Zachary, after a game Monday night.

“If we lose money as a team for the league, then we won’t be able to take care of our field and have more opportunities to do stuff with our team,” added another player, named Abigail.

And if the thieves were down on their luck and hungry, Lamantia said there was no need for them to break in. He would have gladly fed them if they asked.

The good within the community is striking out the not-so-good. The local Moose Lodge has come forward with the donation of a new stronger steel door for the snack bar. And a number of people offered help on the league's Facebook page.

The snack bar incident was the second theft from the Rancho Cordova Little League this season. In a previous break-in, expensive equipment was stolen from a storage locker.

Despite the loss, the resilient league is finishing its season as scheduled this week.

Lamantia said they will be discussing enhanced security measures such as cameras and motion sensor lights at an upcoming meeting.