Twin Foals Born in Wilton are a ‘Two in a Million’ Chance

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WILTON -- It was a two in a million chance.

"It's just something that never happens," said ranch owner Shari Burns.

But on May 24, it did happen. Mare Emma gave birth to not one, but two foals.

"You're hoping everything goes textbook, and then you're surprised," Burns said.

Burns says she's delivered at least 950 foals in her career, but she has never successfully brought two healthy twin foals into the world -- until now.

The colt and filly, appropriately named Will and Grace for their will to live and grace as horses, came out just minutes apart.

While Grace's delivery had some scary moments..

"She had what's called a red bag, which is where the placenta separates, starting the depletion of oxygen to the foal," Burns said.

Will's delivery was completely unexpected. Just when Burns thought her work was done ...

"I looked and there was a second bubble with a foot. I was shocked," she said.

Burns says a birth like this is risky. UC Davis vets say because the foals can get so big, it's unusual for a mother horse to carry them both to full term, but Will and Grace beat the odds.

After a tense delivery, both are healthy and normal.

"It's a miracle," Burns said.