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Sacramento Firefighters Get ‘Fire Wipes’ for Carcinogens

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SACRAMENTO -- The Sacramento Fire Department is now providing its firefighters with so-called "Fire Wipes," which help remove carcinogens.

The wipes come from its EMS budget, and is said to be a necessity comparable to soap.

After fire calls, cancer-causing carcinogens can stick to firefighters. The aim with providing wipes is to keep firefighters cancer-free.

Metro Fire doesn't provide the wipes, but has a program in which firefighters are encouraged to give their turnouts (their protective outer layer of clothing) to be cleaned.

Metro firefighter Scott Schneider was diagnosed with mouth cancer in 2015. He says it was job related. Since then, part of his jaw and some teeth were removed and he's now been cancer free for a year.

Schneider warns all firefighters to wash themselves and their turnouts after fires.