Search for Missing Woodland Woman Continues in Plumas County

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WOODLAND -- A Woodland family is holding on to hope that they'll find their lost mother and wife. On Sunday, 58-year-old Teresa "Terry" Blake left the family's vacation cabin in Graeagle in Plumas County to go fishing.

But she never came back.

Now, after four days of searching, her family wants to spread their messages of love, hoping she'll hear them.

Snow-capped mountains, green meadows and a flowing river -- this is where Terry Blake loved to bring her family on vacation.

"She was just so excited for a week of just our family together," her daughter, Katie Blake, said.

Terry's daughter Katie had just returned home from serving in the Peace Corps in South America. Her son Rob was visiting home from Los Angeles. So she and her husband brought everyone to Graeagle -- the place they've spent so many vacations.

"While my wife is not a great fisher person or knowledgeable, she was more enthusiastic than she was proficient," Terry's husband, Randy Blake, said.

Terry often went out fishing alone, but after heading out Sunday afternoon, she never returned. After search and rescue teams were called in, her car was found the next day, a mile away from the cabin the family is staying in.

As the sun sets on the fourth day she's been missing, her kids and husband hope she can somehow hear these messages.

"We love her so, so much, we can't wait to be reunited with her," Katie Blake said.

"I know I keep saying this, I just love my mother so much. We're so close you know," her son Rob Blake said.

As for the search for Terry, the Plumas County Sheriff's Office tells us they do not suspect foul play. They've found nothing so far on the land, so for the next few days they're going to be focusing on the Feather River itself.

"Parts of the river are very deep, fast moving. And so we want to make sure that we conduct a search, but also that the safety of the people searching the water needs to be taken into consideration also," said Deputy Christina Ross with the Plumas County Sheriff's Office.

For now, her family is trying not to focus on all the possible scenarios of what might have happened.

"Subscribing to any single one is kind of pointless," Rob Blake, said.

"Some of them are not, let's be honest, some of them are not so good. None of them are great," Randy Blake said.

Instead, their attention is on what they'll do when they see Terry again.

"I don't know if words will come out for a while. I'll probably just hug her... That's all I want to do if you want the truth. Yeah if I could just hug my mom, that'd be best," Rob Blake said.

The family is asking for help from anyone who may have seen Terry or have information about her whereabouts. You can find more information, here.