Bystander Saves Marysville Man from Dog Mauling

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LINDA -- A Marysville man is being applauded as a hero after saving a man from being mauled by two dogs.

Victor Torres says he was just on the way to a friend's house to have a beer Tuesday.

Driving down Simpson Dantoni Road, he saw a man on the ground being attacked by two pit bulls. There was one on either end, pulling at the man like it was tug-of-war.

"The dogs are just ripping him apart. When I drove by, one dog had one end of the guy, and the other dog had the other end and they were trying to pull him apart," Torres told FOX40.

Torres says he jumped out of his track and hit one with a plastic oar he had. It shattered, but it only redirected the dog's attention to him. Torres' arm was badly injured in the attack. He's out of the hospital now, but says it's likely he'll have to go back.

"I could feel his teeth sinking in. You could hear the flesh tearing and all that," Torres said. "After that I know there's a big shake too. So I'm like, 'Oh man. Here comes the shake.'"

Two other people were also attacked and injured by the dogs. The dogs were described as a male and a female, and they are said to belong to two transients. The female dog had recently given birth to a litter of 10 puppies, which was found nearby.

The dogs are now in quarantine.

For his trouble, Torres has lost a lot of movement and feeling in his left hand. Torres likely saved the man's life, but he says he wishes the whole ordeal had never happened.

A GoFundMe campaign was established to help offset Torres' medical expenses.

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