‘Sleepy Burglar’ Returned to Auburn School Out of Remorse

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AUBURN — Authorities say two sleepy burglars broke into an Auburn high school, stole items, but then hung around.

Placer County sheriff's officials say a school employee discovered one of the men on Monday morning asleep in a classroom at Chana High School in North Auburn. The other man was in a bathroom.

The sheriff's office says the men — 27-year-old Kevin Thomas, of Fresno, and 25-year-old Travis Alexander, a Sacramento-area transient — broke windows to get into classrooms and filled two school-owned vehicles with computers, televisions and other stolen items.

Both men were arrested on suspicion of burglary and vehicle theft.

FOX40 spoke with Thomas at the Placer County jail Thursday. He calls his arrest a blessing because being in jail keeps him off meth.

Thomas told FOX40 he left the school in a stolen car with some stolen property, but went back because he was feeling remorse. That's when Thomas said he decided to eat something and stay in the school until morning.