Councilman Helps Tenants Faced with Rent Hike After Living in Poor Conditions

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SACRAMENTO -- A little good news for some of the folks FOX40 has reported on, who are facing tremendous rent hikes at Sacramento's Cedar Ridge apartments.

Last week residents were protesting rent increases they believed didn't make sense since they had been complaining for months about untreated mold, pest and structural problems.

Tenants couldn't get any response from on-site management or get reliable information on complex ownership. So, they turned to Councilman Larry Carr.

Carr has helped track down the owner, who now says the units have been far under market value for years. He can't cancel the $300 increases, but he is willing to make other changes.

Carr helped broker an affordable relocation deal with the owner.

"He's willing to move them and to rehab the units and make substantial investments in Cedar Ridge," said Carr, who represents District 8. I've campaigned in Cedar Ridge. There are five regular registered voters there and when I went to their doors I was appalled by what I saw."

Carr is working to make sure landlords in Sacramento are properly trained about their responsibilities when managing property. He's also trying to get itemized rent and utility bills for renters at places like Cedar Ridge so they can qualify for income-based discounts.

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