Family Mourns Loss of Father of 4 After He was Pulled from Fiery Crash

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SACRAMENTO -- On a Friday night when many families were just cranking up the memories that will make the weekend, tears were flowing at one Sacramento home.

"If he'd see someone on the street with a sign who needed money for food, he'd give them $20. If he had five, whatever he had, he would give it to them you know," said Sexta Homdus. "I mean so many people loved him. To his kids, he was their hero."

The hero four kids and the rest of this Sacramento family are missing is 34-year-old Mickey Betti.

"I just want my uncle back, I just want him back," said Brittany Jones, Betti's niece.

They lost the funny, energetic, driven family man they loved after he had to be pulled from the wreckage of his own car following a fiery crash close to his home.

It happened near Fruitridge Road and 24th Street, right after many in the area heard a barrage of gunfire. While police won't confirm if he was actually hit by bullets, his mother has.

"We don't know if that was the cause of death," Homdus said. "We do know that he was shot."

Loved ones say there's nothing about this hard-working man who was the primary parent to Felonize, Lali, Lucciano and Kiki that should have drawn fire.

"He's not an instigator. He's not a person who would find problems," said Sophia Moreno, who was Betti's girlfriend of two years. "He would actually be the solution, the remedy. So, absolutely it didn't make sense."

Trying to make sense of of what's happened to Betti is as difficult for the adults who loved him as it is for the littlest people in his life.

"We all love you and miss you. Watch me from heaven," said his great nephew Gabriel Lopez Junior, as he read from a letter he wrote to the man he called Uncle Pooh Bear.

In his own way, he's trying to handle the grief he and those around him feel over what they say has been taken from the world.

"It took me 33 years to meet a person like that," Moreno said. "I know there's not people like him. I've never met anybody like him."

"He was my uncle, but my dad was never around, so he was like my dad too," Jones said as she sobbed.

"It doesn't make sense. It doesn't make sense," Homdus said.

Betti was able to save four lives through organ donation.

There has been some confusion over multiple donation pages that have been posted to the web on his behalf. The one Betti's mother says will help car for her son's children in his absence can be found on GoFundMe.

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