‘March Against Sharia:’ 3 Sides Protest at Roseville Intersection

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ROSEVILLE -- In a display of the nation's current political strife, three groups gathered at the intersection of Roseville Parkway and Galleria Boulevard Saturday to protest for and against the "March Against Sharia."

Those against Sharia Law in America, ACT for America, stood across the street from the ANSWER Coalition and Indivisible Colusa while police lined up along the roadway, blocking people from walking across the street to the other side.

Some participants on the side of ACT's nationwide march claimed the protest was not anti-Muslim. Instead, they said they were choosing to fight against the repression of women.

However, Jamier Sale of ANSWER believes ACT's cause was a hateful one, targeting all those who practice Islam.

Dressed in white, protesters with the "Unity Rally" wanted a completely peaceful approach to their stance on inclusivity. But neither side was met with violence, and those who did cross the road to come face-to-face with differing opinions chose to hold discussions as opposed to throw punches.

At least one protester was arrested for attempting to cross the crosswalk, police say.

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