Showdown Looms in Folsom’s Hinkle Creek Park Debate

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FOLSOM -- Just behind a residential area in Folsom sits the Hinkle Creek Park.

The 40 acres that includes a mile long walking trail has been a big point of frustration for some residents because of possible changes that could be coming.

In an effort to better maintain its sewer system under the park, the city has proposed building a road through the densely wooded area that would eliminate 175 trees in the process. A road that some say isn't needed.

"If we believed that we couldn't maintain the Hinkle Creek sewer line without a road then we would be in favor of building a road," said John Combs with the Hinkle Creek Working Group.

Combs says this is an issue he and others have been arguing with the city about for years.

Combs told FOX40 he has enlisted the help of experts that have come to the conclusion that the sewer and access to its 21 manholes could be performed through access points at homes in the residential area near the creek.

Opposition has created "Save Hinkle Creek" in hopes to change the city's mind on the proposal.

The debate is expected to come to a head Tuesday at Folsom's City Council meeting where hundreds are expected to voice their opposition to the possible changes.

FOX40 contacted the city of Folsom Saturday, however, officials did not respond to our request for an interview.

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