Anti-Trump Graffiti Spray-Painted at Foothill Farms Park

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FOOTHILL FARMS -- Graffiti covered the walls of a bathroom at Robert Frost Park

Messages like "Black n Brown Pride" and "F--- Trump" were scrawled across the building in bright red letters.

By midday Sunday, park staff had done their best to erase the messages. They say graffiti attracts more graffiti, so park staff made it a point to clean up immediately.

"Pretty unusual to see political graffiti," said Chief Shane Diller with the Fulton-El Camino Park Police.

Police say because of the nature of the message, they will document it and forward it on to the U.S. Secret Service, the law enforcement agency responsible for the security of the president.

Freedom of speech doesn't cover things like this.

"First amendment doesn't really apply to graffiti. It's damage to property. It costs park districts money to clean up," Diller said.

Across the field from the bathrooms that were tagged, a FOX40 photographer happened upon a little more evidence -- paint brushes ditched in the grass.
Those were collected as evidence too.

Park patrons said they are proud of how peaceful and well kept this neighborhood park i, and that it is not the right venue for an intrusion of America's messy and divisive political landscape.