Sierra Gets Late Afternoon Snow Storm

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SODA SPRINGS -- Blue skies over soda Springs just after 4 p.m. Sunday gave way to light hail and then a steady dose of heavy snow for the next couple of hours.

In that time, about an inch and a half of snow stuck to cars and hillsides.

Travelers on Interstate 80 had to battle the elements on the road and the cold temperatures, which some were not expecting.

"We thought we might get some rain, even hail, but we didn't expect snow," says Tami Johnson as she headed back home to Reno.

Johnson was with two others whom were all on their respective motorcycles.

"It was not fun to drive in this on my bike," says Johnson.

By 6:30 the snow had lightened up but the fun was just beginning for Niko Valladolid from San Jose, who up until this moment had never seen snow in person.

"I didn't think my first time in the snow was going to be in June, but this is awesome