With Heat Wave on the Way, Coaches Keep Watchful Eye on Players

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ELK GROVE -- While it obviously looks and feels like June, those who play one of the most beloved fall sports are relishing getting back into the swing of things in Elk Grove.

"How you know you're gonna have to trust one another to win a game or execute a certain play," said lineman Wayne Doroen.

"Being with my brothers and running around and having fun," said running back Aztlan Lopez.

But loving everything about Monterey Trail High School football doesn't make dealing with a degree count inching toward 100 any easier while out on the field -- even if it's just passing league play.

"Uh, you know, we usually go in the morning or late at night or if we're gonna do it do it during the middle of the day we make sure they're educated on the process of hydration," said Head Coach T.J. Ewing for the Monterey Trail High School Mustangs.

"We're always constantly having water by their drills. We don't have one big water area, 'cause they're always constantly drinking water through the whole practice. We got that from volleyball. They take water between drills. They don't take big rest periods for water," Ewing said.

While coaches watch players moves in formation, they're also watching for the symptoms of someone not having sipped enough water.

"Nausea, dizziness, forgetful, memory loss, any of that stuff," Ewing said.

Players are allowed to break when they need to and to cool off and catch up on their intake of H20.

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