Rising Temperatures Don’t Stop Locals from Having a Good Weekend

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SACRAMENTO -- Is it worth a fine to stay cool?

For some it is, or at least until they plead ignorance.

On a 100 degree day in Sacramento, Tiscornia Park remains closed.

The popular beach spot along the confluence of the American and Sacramento rivers was underwater until recently because of excessive water flows from snowmelt.

It remains off limits until the complete restoration of electricity in the area, which is estimated to happen before the Fourth of July holiday. All that said, the beach was still occupied Friday afternoon in the height of the heat by beachgoers claiming they didn't know it was shutdown.

"I didn't see the sign and nobody has told us to leave," said Skylar Guzman, adding he'll be back tomorrow.

Signs are clearly posted at the Jibboom Street entrance and the parking areas are blocked off.

However, cars entering into the closed park are asked to continue across the bridge to nearby Discovery Park, which opened for boat launching a couple of weeks ago.

According to the county park's website, being in a county park that is closed is an infraction that could come with a $50 fine.

At Wizard World ComicCon in Sacramento fans will never miss out on a chance to dress up as their favorite character, even if that means enduring the costume itself.

Although the event takes place in the Sacramento Convention Center those participating had to walk for blocks to get inside.

"It's like a line change in hockey, you have to know when your shift is done and when you're spent and then rest," says Brett Klose dressed as Deadpool.

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