Neighbors Create Small Memorial for Woman Found Dead in Trunk of Car

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ROSEVILLE -- Flowers, battered by 100 degree heat, fight to bring honor and some beauty to a spot on Roseville's Gerry Way -- a spot marked just 24 hours ago by the ugliness of what one human could have possibly done to another.

The flowers were placed where Andrea Guzman's body was found inside the trunk of a car registered in her name.

Neighbors had spotted an unfamiliar car left there as early as last Tuesday, but didn't call 911 until a week later.

Police have said they're investigating Guzman's death as a homicide, but that her body showed no obvious signs of trauma.

Guzman did not live in the neighborhood where she was found dead.

Her car registration is tied to an address four miles away.

A former member of Guzman's family -- the husband she began divorcing in 2012 -- actually lives on Gerry Way, three long blocks away from where she and her car were found.

FOX40 has not been able to reach him for comment.

His new wife has a civil action filed against Guzman in Placer County.

"We were told by the police not to talk you guys, 'cause it's an investigation," Guzman's former mother-in-law said.

She apologized for not being able to talk about a situation she says has left her tearful and emotional.

Guzman's parents and siblings have said they don't yet want to speak about what's happened.

In simple ways, the community is speaking to them.

Near where someone placed the flowers -- where Guzman's body was found -- there's now a card, tied to a tree branch.

Inside, a message to her family.

It reads, "sending sympathy in your sorrow for your loss of your loved one.... signed friends of Gerry Way."

Roseville police have not made any arrests or announced a suspect in this case.

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