Residents Look for Relief from the Heat

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SACRAMENTO -- At the height of Tuesday's hot weather, Sacramento firefighters rushed to contain a grass fire near Sacramento International Airport.

Holding the charred grass to just 8 acres was a victory.

If the same type of fire happens Wednesday, with what are expected to be gusty winds, it may be a different outcome.

"With 10 mile an hour more wind than we had today, that fire would've jumped this road, and it would've just kept burning," said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

Of course, Tuesday's temperatures brought their own issues.

"No power, no TV, nothing was really, really hot today no air-conditioning," said Jocelyn Perez, who lost power.

A blown fuse meant residents at the Casa Mobile Home Park in West Sacramento became vulnerable to the heat.

These pictures show West Sacramento police and fire departments in the complex as they went door to door performing welfare checks.

Power finally came back on at 4 p.m.

There was also some encouraging news Tuesday.

Less than three months after a $6 million renovation at Grant High School's pool, community members got their first dip in the water.




This week through the end of July, those who live in Del Paso Heights can swim at the pool for free during weekday afternoons.  And word is spreading.


"It was a little bit slow the first two hours yesterday, but then people got on the phone, started making calls, and then we were pretty busy by the end of the day and today we had a line even before we opened," said head lifeguard Anthony Pointer.

At first pitch of the River Cats game it was still above 100 degrees -- meaning those with the cheap grass seats had one thing in mid when they got there.


"Oh shade for sure. It was 107, the car said, when we drove out here," said River Cats fan Daniel Deluca.

However, shade wasn't in abundance.

"We thought it was going to be a rough game when we sat down,  and now it's kind of breezy, so it's not too bad," said Darlene Dickinson.

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