Some in El Dorado Hills Left without Power for Several Hours

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EL DORADO HILLS -- Thousands lost power in El Dorado Hills on Tuesday, for three hours or more. PG&E says the outages were heat related.

Imagine baking in the summer heat all day long, with just one cool relief in sight -- an afternoon swim lesson.

"It's really hot, and I just wanted to get in the pool," said Pavielle Ramirez.

But sister and brother Pavielle and Paolo Ramirez had those lessons canceled as the El Dorado Hills Community Pool closed because of a power outage.

Ten-year-old Paolo believes he knows the reason.

"I think it might be because so they can set the pool to the hotness or coldness," he said.

PG&E says the outage happened when an underground connector failed. That knocked out traffic lights, lamp posts and almost 4,000 customers' air conditioning units.

"The air conditioning got cut off with the power, but we're staying in as long as it stays cool, when that fails we'll probably go to a bar. Haha," said El Dorado Hills resident Mark Keuning.

But keeping their beer cool in the meantime, father and son Mark and Arie Keuning, dug out their camping generator to power their refrigerator.

"We actually used it camping, but then we sold the trailer and thought, well we go through power outages here," Mark Keuning said.

What's frustrating to the Keunings is their next door neighbors air conditioning never went off.

"Right about here is the halfway point at our house, and there's a whole new circuit, so everyone on this side doesn't have power, while everyone on that side still has air conditioning and everything," Arie Keuning said.

While they waited for PG&E to restore their power, they made sure to keep their doors and windows shut.

"You leave the door open for even 5 minutes, and the temperature can go (up) like 5 degrees," Arie Keuning said.

The outages started at 3 p.m., but by 8 p.m. PG&E says out of the initial 4,000 customers who lost power, less than 300 still had not been restored.

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