Air Conditioning Technicians Keep Busy During Heat Wave

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SACRAMENTO -- In the heat, a broken appliance can be life or death for some -- especially the elderly.

"My husband is 98-years-old," said Irene Cealiz.

Her husband is sitting several stories up in his Green Fair Senior Living apartment, watching TV with on air conditioning.

It's the second time this week SMUD has had to fix it.

"The system that cools the individual rooms is the one that's broken down right now," said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

That's why volunteer members of the Sacramento Fire Cert Team are going door to door, offering seniors water and convincing them to wait in the common areas that are air-conditioned.

"Almost this entire building behind us is either Russian or Ukrainians speaking, so we do have some language barrier issues, but since this happened two days ago, I think a lot of people know what's going on," Harvey said.

Green Fair isn't the only place that's heating up.

Phones at the Bonney Air call center have been ringing nonstop ever since the heat wave began.

"We're fielding in the neighborhood of 1,500 calls daily," said Jim Owens with Bonney Heating and Air.

Technicians have been driving all over Sacramento fixing malfunctioning units.

Just like your car, the company says it's better to fix parts before they completely break, and it's important to notice red flags.

"Any kind of odors, you know there may be some sort of electrical things that are happening inside the unit that will come through the vent. Check your filtration," Owens said.

"You know noises, unusual noises," he said.

At Papa Murphy's Park at Cal Expo, Republic FC is trying to get fans to come outside by setting up shade tents and misters by the food trucks, and they offered ice cream to everyone who attended.