Heat Turns Deadly for Some Sacramento Dogs

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SACRAMENTO -- Several dead dogs were brought to the Front Street Animal Shelter amid a blistering heat wave in Sacramento.

The six dogs were seemingly killed by recent high temperatures in the Sacramento area. In a post on its Facebook page, the shelter said the dogs died from lack of water and basic care -- and they were brought to Front Street for "disposal."

"When we see situations like this from the community where -- we don't want to consider it neglect, maybe a lack of education or awareness of what this heat can do -- it's really disheartening," Front Street spokesperson Bobby Mann said.

The dogs were dead when they were dropped off, Mann said.

Front Street is an indoor-outdoor shelter, and water misters help keep dogs cool during the summer months. But there are other ways to help keep your dog cool at home.

"We do believe animals are a part of the family, so we always encourage to keep them indoors, keep them safe," Mann said. "This heat wave can absolutely cause heat exhaustion or worse for these animals."

Mann also suggested walking your dog early in the morning before the pavement heats up to prevent paw burns. He said to watch for symptoms of heat exhaustion.

"See if your dog is being lethargic, panting, and if there are serious symptoms, be sure to rush your dog to the vet immediately," Mann said.

With high temperatures expected to stick around through the end of the week, it's important to keep your animals hydrated.

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