Possible Scammers Take Advantage of 3-Year-Old Girl’s Tragic Death

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STOCKTON -- Neighbors in a Stockton neighborhood have been weary of people coming door to door asking for donations for 3-year-old Daleyza Avila Hernandez's family, who lost the child after she went under general anesthesia during a dental procedure.

Residents told FOX40 a man and two boys came knocking on doors along West Mendocino Avenue Friday. The three people claimed they attempted to raise money on their own through a car wash but it was shut down.

None of the neighbors gave donations and believed the car wash story was strange.

Daleyza's family confirmed that they stopped receiving donations Wednesday after the funeral and they have never organized a car wash.

Money that was meant to be donated to Daleyza's famile was also stolen from a car at the funeral home Tuesday.

Yolanda holds a sign with a picture of Daleyza and the words, "I want justice. Quiero justicia."

After catching wind of the incident, Daleyza's mother's cousin, Yolanda, said that she was very upset at the possibility of scammers trying to exploit her family's tragedy.

While neighbors chose not to contact police, the Stockton Police Department told FOX40 that scammers do take advantage of other's generosity during such times.

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