Pregnant Woman Seriously Injured in Sacramento Shooting Gives Birth

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SACRAMENTO -- Sacramento police are investigating a disturbing crime -- a pregnant woman shot outside of an Oak Park house late Saturday night.

It happened on 33rd Street near 10th Avenue.

"(Responding officers) immediately noticed that she was very obviously pregnant, in fact, nearly full term,” said Sgt. Matt McPhail, with the Sacramento Police Department.

McPhail said the shooter is still on the run, but the mother and baby are expected to be OK.

This is the second shooting on that block of 33rd Street in the past two weeks. Some people who live there told FOX40 they’re getting sick of the violence.

"We had a birthday party yesterday, you know,” said Tony James.

James said around 10 p.m., he was outside his home on 33rd Street, with his kids, as their guests to that birthday party were leaving.

"And all I could hear is this explosion, and people running all over the place... My baby momma was like 'get on the floor' to the kids, 'get on the floor, they're shooting,'" he said.

Across the street, attending a different party, a woman had been shot, but she wasn't the only soul whose life was in danger.

"When the paramedics were taking her away, you could see that she was pregnant and not doing too good,” said Mark, who didn’t want to give his last name, but lives next door to the victim.

Sacramento police say the victim was about eight months pregnant. She was taken to the hospital, and while McPhail said the mother's wounds didn't induce the birth itself, doctors there decided to deliver.

"Given the injuries she sustained, they opted to help induce the birth of the child, just for both of their welfare,” McPhail told FOX40.

The shooting has neighbors on edge.

"It's sad you know,” said Mary Tavera, who often walks her infant grandson through the neighborhood.

"(Last night) police cars everywhere, streets were shut down all the neighbors were hanging out outside,” said Dona Francis, who lives on 33rd Street.

McPhail said detectives believe the shooter was on foot, but don't have many other details.

Further frustrating neighbors, a block away, 54-year-old Michael Smith Sr. was shot and killed just two weeks ago.

"I thought the community was on the upswing, but apparently not, there's still a few bad elements around,” said Mark, who lives next door to the victim.

Meanwhile James is counting his blessings.

"My kid could have got shot, I could have got shot... Hopefully nothing more happen like this,” James told FOX40.

Police are asking for witnesses to come forward by calling: (916) 264-5471.

McPhail said so far detectives don't believe there's any connection with this shooting and the one that took Smith’s life two weeks ago.

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