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Flag Stolen from Veteran’s Folsom Home

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FOLSOM -- Days before the Fourth of July, one Folsom neighborhood is decked out in red, white and blue. Old Glory flies proudly outside many homes.

But early Saturday morning, the McInerneys found their flag pole empty.

"It was very difficult. One o'clock in the morning I came out here, I was bawling," said Devan McInerney.

McInerney says she was crying over the stolen flag and the family history it holds.

"I haven't even had the guts to pick up the zip ties that they took off," she said.

The embroidered heirloom belonged to McInerney's grandfather who died last year. The flag was an irreplaceable memory passed down to Devan and her husband Ryan, who -- like her grandfather -- is a Navy veteran.

"I raised and lowered that thing every day of my life for five years when I was in the U.S. Navy. It's very important to me," Ryan McInerney said.

He hopes whoever swiped the flag did it as a prank and not as a political message.

"I hope it's not, whether it's anti this or anti that or pro this or pro that -- I'm pro-America," Ryan McInerney said.

Upset about the loss, Devan posted about the stolen flag on a Folsom neighborhood Facebook page.

"There were so many replies," she said.

Neighbors stepped up with support and the local VFW post immediately took action -- bringing over a replacement.

"That meant so much to us," Devan McInerney said.

It's not the same as her grandfather's, but it's still flying proudly.

And the McInerneys are touched by how a bit of bad fortune revealed so much kindness from their community.

"We got to see about that much bad and that much good," Ryan McInerney said.