Running Errands? Horse ‘Parking’ Proposed in Rio Linda

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RIO LINDA -- Need a pick-me-up from Starbucks?

How about refill on your prescription at Rite-Aid?

Soon, it may be as easy as hopping on your horse if you live in Rio Linda.

Monday evening, the Sacramento County Planning Commission discussed an idea that would make room for horse parking at a  proposed Starbucks and Rite-Aid at the intersection at Elk Horn Boulevard and Rio Linda Boulevard in Rio Linda. The commission voted 4-0 to approved the businesses and the horse hitches.

The land -- that currently includes an empty field, a Southern Baptist Church and some homes -- was purchased by the companies a couple of years ago.

The county board of supervisors would have the final say. They are expected to vote some time in September.

"It would be a little weird, but I think people would definitely take there horses there, a lot of people have horses around here," neighbor Gavin Bertsch said.

The purchase of the land also means the Rio Linda Elverta Food Bank run on the church property would have to find a new place to serve the community of around 800 residents who use the food bank.

Some home owners who were bought out by the corporations have already left their homes, others still don't know where they will go.

"At first I said no, them about seven months later I agreed and said OK," neighbor Debra Rittenhouse said.

Rittenhouse added that the reason she moved into her home 15 years ago was because of the nature surrounding the home and if that's gone then her current home becomes less attractive to her.

Right now it is unknown if horses and their riders will be allowed to used the drive through at the proposed business.