Stockton Police Vehicle Hit with Gunfire, Detectives Search for Shooter

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STOCKTON -- Police in Stockton say one of their patrol vehicles was struck by gunfire late Monday night along Acacia Street, near Dameron Hospital.

Investigators say the patrol SUV was hit around 11 p.m., when officers tried to pull a car over. Police said the passenger opened fire, hitting their patrol vehicle and a stop sign.

The officers chased the car, but it got away. A short time later, a police sergeant spotted the vehicle and pull it over near Center Street and Webber Avenue where the car again fired on officers.

No one was injured.

Police Chief Eric Jones said officers did not return fire at either scene because there was no opportunity to do so. Jones added that the motive is unknown, but he believes the shooter's

Audio from the officers' radio includes gunfire in the background and officers calmly describing the situation.

Investigators did not release a description of the car or the suspects inside.

Chief Jones issued a statement on the department's Facebook page. It reads in part:

The professionalism of the Stockton Police Department lies in this fact: We will continue to do our jobs to protect this community even in light of these dangers; we will be vigilant and tactical, yet will continue to put this community first.

But also know this fact: firing a gun at another person in this community will not be tolerated. And when those guns are fired toward those serving and protecting our community, we will not rest until they are located. Someone willing to fire upon a police officer is capable of just about anything and endangers this entire community.

This incident – along with the tragic double homicide early this morning - are reminders of the incredibly dangerous environment our officers face daily. I’m thankful none of our officers, nor any innocent bystanders, were injured; and I’m so proud of the work our officers do in the face of extreme danger. I’m continually impressed with their courage and professionalism.

In my opinion, officers showed great police work in trying to stop this vehicle, showed excellent tactics in taking cover from the incoming gunfire, and then showed great professionalism on deciding when and how to respond to the threat.

Our detectives will be actively working both of these violent crime investigations throughout the day, and I encourage anyone who might have seen or heard anything at all related to the homicide or the shooting at our officers to immediately contact the Stockton Police Department or provide tips through CrimeStoppers.

Ashley Caldwell contributed to this report.