Animal Shelter Seeks Answers After Dog Found with Severe Head Wound

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ROSEVILLE -- The Placer SPCA is asking for the public's help after someone found a dog with a severe head wound in Roseville.

The dog was discovered in Mark White Park June 22 with a head wound so bad that his skull was exposed. He was quickly rushed to Atlantic Street Pet Emergency Center for immediate care.

Now in the care of the SPCA, the dog, named Korbin by the shelter, will need to be watched closely for the next several weeks as his wound is routinely cleaned and covered.

The SPCA does not know for sure if Korbin was intentionally hurt, but they have ruled out that he was hit by a car since he did not sustain any additional injuries. Officials with the Roseville Police Department are investigating and currently have limited leads and no suspect information. The police department is urging people to contact Roseville Crime Stoppers with any tips.

Other than his wound, Korbin appears to be in good health, which has led the SPCA to believe that he was taken care of by someone. No one has come forward to claim him yet.

The Placer SPCA is asking for donations that can go toward helping Korbin and other animals in their care. Visit their site for more information.

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