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Man Claims Movers Stole $12,000 in Guns, Property from His Orangevale Home

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FOLSOM -- While moving out of his Orangevale home, a man claims three movers took around $12,000 in belongings and guns.

Many of Mike Brown's firearms as well as his wife's jewelry were taken from inside a bedroom closet.

"Knew we had valuables in there so the doors were shut, things were pushed back up in corners of the closet, covered up," Brown said.

Originally, Brown said he made it clear to the movers that they would only need to load up what he told them to. Soon after they started, the three men began to act strangely.

"They kept distracting us the entire time, in one way or another," Brown said. "And, like, one of the three guys would disappear at certain times."

After they dropped off the furniture at his new place, Brown said goodbye to the movers. When he got back to the old house, he quickly noticed his handgun was missing.

That's when he called the moving company, Folsom Relocation and Storage. Whoever answered the phone didn't react the way Brown thought they should have.

"'Uh, you know there's nothing we can do. We can't help you, you'll just have to file a police report,'" Brown recalled the person on the other end saying. "I said, 'No, these are your employees. You brought them to my house, and you refuse to do anything about it?'"

"'There's nothing we can do,'" the person continued.

"I mean, they didn't have the time of day for me," Brown said.

FOX40 was able to track down the owner of the company, who said he will be performing an internal investigation into the allegations and has suspended the movers involved.

Brown said he wishes he had done a quick company search online, because later he turned up several bad reviews with similar theft claims against it.

In the meantime, Brown has filed a police report. The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department confirms it is investigating the case. When using professional moving companies, the department recommends asking for photocopies of each mover's ID before allowing them into your home.