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Man’s Stolen Saxophone Recovered 23 Years Later

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SACRAMENTO -- A man's daughter stumbled upon something the two of them thought had been gone for good -- a one-of-a-kind saxophone stolen more than two decades ago.

Amador Villar had his alto saxophone taken from his car on his daughter's wedding day in Sacramento 23 years ago.

The saxophone was very special to Villar because it was a gift given to him by his brother when he first moved to America in 1978.

Earlier this week, his daughter, Ana, was looking online for a saxophone for herself and stumbled upon one she thought looked just like her dad's, but she wasn't entirely sure.

Ana Villar bought the saxophone from a man in Sacramento and showed it to her dad who immediately noticed two unique marks.

One was a dent from when the saxophone had fallen off a car. The other was a piece he had made to repair part of the instrument.

When Amador Villar saw those distinctive features he knew the saxophone was his.

The instrument doesn't play and needs to be repaired, but Amador Villar says he never gave up hope he would find it. He credits his faith and prayers for bringing it back to him.