Newly Opened Sacramento Parks Gear Up for Busy July Fourth Weekend

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SACRAMENTO -- Discovery Park, a popular place for people to launch boats and other watercraft along the Sacramento River, has actually been open for a few weeks, but that was considered a soft opening.

Saturday, the official opening coincided with the first day people were allowed to go to Tiscornia Park along the confluence of the American and Sacramento Rivers.

After an extremely wet winter with massive snowpacks, Tiscornia Park had been mostly underwater until recently, and the County of Sacramento needed to restore power in the area before people were officially allowed back on the sand. Although, it appears the park rangers were not kicking people off the beach in prior weeks.

Hundreds arrived at the beach Saturday, utilizing the free life jackets for kids.

The Sacramento County Parks Department had anticipated huge crowds. Additional park rangers were brought in along with members of the dive and rescue team and fire and police.

As a result of the cost of those extra services, Sacramento county parks are now charging $8 for a car to park and $13 for cars with trailers for boats.

Those parking prices will run through July 4th. Starting on Wednesday, they will go back down to $5 per car and $10 per vehicle with a trailer.

Also as a result of the Fourth of July holiday, the county has declared no alcohol will be allowed this weekend on county parks property or local waterways.