Natomas Football Program Reopens Fireworks Stand After Robbery

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SACRAMENTO -- A Natomas football and cheer program is opening back up for business after its fireworks stand was robbed of thousands of dollars of products.

Someone used a blow torch to break into a storage container overnight Thursday and stole $7,000 worth of fireworks.

The Natomas Junior Nighthawks fireworks stand has been set up on the corner of Del Paso and Truxel roads to help raise funds for the program's equipment and to keep costs low.

Saturday, the football and cheer program restocked and opened up for business again after the robbery.

People have been donating money to the stand and someone even gave them a $1,000 check. They're hoping the donations along with sales will help them get back on their feet, but said they will be happy if they just break even with TNT Fireworks.

To protect their products, they decided to camp out at the stand location every night until July 4th when sales end. It's a small price to pay to ensure the safety of their fireworks.

Jordan White, who has a stand in Orangevale on Hazel Avenue and Greenback Lane, said they have half a million dollars worth of fireworks because they fundraise for multiple organizations. They lock everything in a storage container and have 24/7 security guarding it.