Neighbors Worried After Man Found Dead in Car at Elk Grove Apartment Complex

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ELK GROVE -- Police arrived at an Elk Grove apartment complex parking lot Monday night to find a man dead in the driver's seat of a car.

The Elk Grove Police Department received a call about several shots heard near the Avery Gardens Apartment Complex at 9:07 p.m.

Police say they will formally arrest a suspect who checked himself into a local hospital for treatment for a gunshot wound when he recovers enough to be transported.

In the light of day, you could see shattered glass and a trail of blood in the parking lot leading to a possible get-away car. Police found the blue four door sedan get-away car Tuesday morning.

Authorities say they are looking for another suspect.

No information was made available about the incidents that led up to the man's death. The man's identity has not been reported by the coroner's office.

Witnesses don't believe the victim lived at the complex.

This is the first reported homicide Elk Grove has seen in 18 months.

Despite the fact that murders are relatively rare here in suburban Elk Grove, the shooting so close to where children live has shaken residents of the apartment complex where the shooting happened.

A neighbor who wants to remain anonymous told FOX40 he saw two strangers scoping out the parking lot a few minutes before shots were fired.

The murder scene is next door to a strip mall and anchored by a Nugget Market.

“This is as very nice area, this is our first homicide of the year... All of 2016 we did not have a homicide," Officer Chris Trim with the Elk Grove Police Dept. said.

But this information is little comfort for residents here who don’t know the motive for the shooting and are wary that there may be another suspect on the loose.

For some, one incident is enough.

Numerous tenants in this apartment complex didn’t want to go on camera because they were afraid. Several of them told FOX40 they’ve already started looking looking for another place to live.

Elk Grove resident Gabe Lewall says random murders are extremely rare. He says he’s sold on the good schools and parks for his family. And he believes his experience is more common than not in Elk Grove.

“We’ve never had issues of crime at least in our neighborhood, it’s been a good experience for us," Lewall said.