Family Starts Movement by Leaving Painted Rocks Around Stockton

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STOCKTON -- Painted rocks have been turning up all over Stockton.

The Facebook page behind the rocks, "Stockton Rocks," and the family that runs it have started a movement.

Eileena Mendiola and her family decided to bring the activity to Stockton after their son found a painted rock in Catalina. She saw how happy the discovery made him and wanted to see if it would work for the city.

“I just love getting the feedback, all the positive messages, all the happy kids on here, all the pictures," Mendiola said. "I just love it.”

It's a positive movement the family believes Stockton needs now more than ever. The painted rocks have also brought the Mendiolas and their children closer together.

"A lot of the times they would be on their iPads or like watching TV cartoons, and now we’re not even in the house that much, we’re always at parks hiding rocks, finding rocks," Eileena Mendiola said.

The family encourages others to pain a rock for themselves and hide it somewhere in the city. They say they will be hiding rocks throughout Victory Park and donating some to a Stockton Elementary School.

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