Anti-Police Message Spray-Painted on Local Law Firm

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SACRAMENTO -- It's not every day that a dozen people volunteer to come clean your windows, but thanks to whoever spray-painted "F--- Cops" on the side of Mastagni Law Firm overnight, their view to the outside is squeaky clean.

“Someone needs to speak out for law enforcement and speak out for what’s right,” said David Mastagni, founding managing partner of the law firm.

The firm is well-known for representing police and their unions on a state and national level. That's why they believe they were targeted.

But the fact that the graffiti appeared when their thin blue line flag was flying a half-staff, a sign of respect for slain NYPD Officer Myosotis Familia who was laid to rest Tuesday, the fact that the same phrase was used by protesters at her funeral, thousands of miles from Sacramento, that's what they find so despicable.

“She was a beautiful woman who had her whole life ahead of her. She got shot in her head while sitting in a squad car. And the very least that me or any other citizen can do is respect and honor her for her service to her community,” Mastagni said.

She, and other officers treated like her, is the reason why Mastagni wanted to speak against this graffiti before it was simply washed away.

Retired San Joaquin County Deputy Sergeant Pat Withrow understands the frustration within this phrase, the turmoil across the country between people and police. But he says this is an ineffective way to express that.

“Instead of having criticism that really helps us do our job better, tell us when we make a mistake, or tell us when how we can do something better," Withrow said.

“It’s demeaning to our officers who put their lives on the line every day to protect the community," said Timothy Davis, president of the Sacramento Police Officer's Association. "We’re out here to tell officers that they are supported, and we’re not gonna stand for this type of message.”

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