Three Stockton Playgrounds Burned, Vandalized

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STOCKTON -- A playground now a melted mess, 12-year-old Justin Hernandez said it best.

“When they go down and burn it that’s just dumb,” Hernandez told FOX40.

The City of Stockton said over the last year, three playgrounds have either been vandalized or set on fire.

“When something like this happens first of all it’s just really sad because it’s really unnecessary,” Connie Cochran, the city’s community relations officer said.

A part of the playground at Weber Point is now fenced in, some corners of a platform collapsed and melted.

Over in Constitution Park, the entire play structure is blocked off. Edges now ashes, with a kid’s slide barely holding on.

At Shropsire Park, one slide is boarded up, a big hole punched through the middle.

“When they see they’re locked up and stuff I’m just kind of a little mad how they’re burnt and stuff,” Hernandez said.

The city said the playgrounds are insured so they may be able to get reimbursed to replace them.

“If not, we’ll be looking toward grants or perhaps generosity of contributors to replace the equipment,” Cochran said.

Meanwhile, parents and their kids are baffled that anyone would destroy or try to set playgrounds ablaze.

“Find something else to do, there’s basketball hoops, play basketball, challenge you know your friends playing basketball or something else besides destroying you know equipment for the kids to play. Let them enjoy it,” Lawrence Hernandez, a Stockton father told us.

“How they just go destroy stuff, I think that’s actually kind of, really kind of stupid how they do that,” 12-year-old Justin said.

The city does not believe the three vandalism cases are related.

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