Antelope Home Vandalized in What Neighbors are Calling a Possible Hate Crime

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ANTELOPE -- Surveillance video of four young men vandalizing a home in Antelope has neighbors wondering if it could be a hate crime.

The incident happened about two weeks ago, and so far, the vandals have not been identified. The neighborhood, on Twin Trails Drive in Antelope, is right across the street from an elementary school, and neighbors say once the sun sets, there is a lot of riffraff that make their way along the street.

Neighbor Dar Hintz said he believes it was a hate crime. He has lived in the neighborhood for about 30 years, and about eight months ago, Hintz finally installed surveillance cameras.

"I had my truck broken into, had the window knocked out," Hintz said.

What he captured at his neighbor's home two weeks ago, on June 29, still surprised him.

"It was very quick. There was three of them in the street, I believe. And there was four to five of them in the front yard picking up rocks. They did what they could do, as fast as they could, and they ran up the street," Hintz said.

It was over in a flash. The rocks that were thrown broke the window of Tarlock Singh's home and startled his entire family. The Singhs moved to Antelope from India several years ago. They say this is not the first time something like this has happened to their home.

"I guess. People think we are Muslim, but we are not Muslim," Singh said when asked if he thought it was a hate crime.

"Simply because they could have just as easily thrown the rocks through my window or damaged my truck but they didn't. They went strictly for his house," Hintz said.

The sheriff's department, however, isn't ready to call this a hate crime just yet.

"In the video you showed me, I would categorize that as a vandalism," said Sgt. Nick Goncalves with the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department.

The sheriff's department is still in the early stages of their investigation, and, at this point, more focused on identifying the people involved with the crime,.

"We don't know if there is some prior history where the victim's know these people or not," Goncalves said.