Bridal Shop Saves Dresses for Brides Left Scrambling After Alfred Angelo Closure

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FAIR OAKS -- Enchanted Bridal Shoppe in Fair Oaks has rescued some of the dresses of customers left hanging by Alfred Angelo.

The national bridal shop chain Alfred Angelo filed for bankruptcy Friday, putting brides across the country in a bind. FOX40 first reported the story Thursday when Alfred Angelo store shut its doors without warning, leaving brides with no dresses or refunds.

Now Enchanted Bridal Shoppe in Fair Oaks is making some of those dresses available to brides for pickup.

“They [Alfred Angelo employees] called her yesterday and said she had 45 minutes to come pick it up, she couldn’t make it because she was at work, now no wedding dress,” said Holly Bashor as she described her sister-in-law’s experience with Alfred Angelo in Roseville.

Bashor is just one of the people who showed up at Alfred Angelo Bridal store in Roseville Friday and found only a sign saying the store was closed, referring clients to an email address.

Though the store was deserted Friday, Thursday it was a revolving door of people scrambling to get their belongings.

Inna Garbuzov, who, until Thursday, was the assistant manager of the Roseville store, told FOX40 she got a text message early in the day telling her Alfred Angelo had gone bankrupt. She and two other employees opted to come to work anyway and called hundreds of clients telling them to get to the store before closing to try and get refunds or pick up their items.

Some did make it into the store before closing, however, many did not. At the end of the day, fearing that once the doors of the stores were closed Thursday night customers would never again be allowed to pick up their dresses, Garbuzov and her coworkers made the risky decision to send the remaining reserved dresses to another bridal shop for pickup.

“I went with my gut; I know that it was right,” Garbuzov said.

Enter the fairy godmother.

Jennifer Baker Blackman owns Enchanted Bridal Shoppe in Fair Oaks. Hearing the Alfred Angelo was shutting down, she went to the Roseville store Thursday in hopes they were having a liquidation sale. However, when she saw the steady stream of distraught brides coming into the store she was touched. And when she learned that whatever reserved merchandise not picked up before close might be gone forever she took action.

“I couldn’t let that happen,” Baker Blackman said.

So, instead of getting a bunch of dresses at a discount, she offered to take all the reserved dresses, veils, slips and accessories she could carry back to Enchanted Bridal Shoppe so brides could pick up their orders. Who says fairy tales don’t come true?

Baker Blackman does not have all of the merchandise ordered from the Roseville location of Alfred Angelo, only the items that where in the store. It’s unclear what will happen to the items out for alterations or on order.

Clients are encouraged to call over to Enchanted Bridal to see if their dress is there. If they have your dress and it’s already paid for in full Baker Blackman says you are welcome to pick it up. If you owe a balance they ask you make that payment as a donation to the "My Sister's House" charity.

Enchanted Bridal Shoppe is also offering a 20 percent discount on bridesmaids dresses and a 30 percent discount on wedding dresses to clients left short-changed by Alfred Angelo.

The “closed” sign on Alfred Angelo doors refers clients to That is the email address of attorney Patricia Redmond of the Miami office of the law firm Stearns Weaver Miller. It is unclear how, when, or if clients will be refunded any money owed or will be provided any merchandise paid for but not yet received.