Grass Valley Woman Paralyzed Following Fall in Hawaii Recovers at Home

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GRASS VALLEY -- Life is a little more manageable these days for 28-year-old Sarah Grow.

Grow is no longer stuck in a hospital bed 2,500 miles from home in Hawaii. After a successful surgery last month at Stanford to reverse her paralysis she says she is feeling much better.

"I'm moving great and I'm progressing so fast," Grow said. "I'm impressing myself actually."

A fall from a balcony on Memorial Day left Grow paralyzed from the waist down. She spent 10 days in Hawaii waiting for an air ambulance to bring her back to California for the surgery because her and her fiance's insurance would not pay the $50,000 for it.

Her fiance, J.J. Wolfgurber, managed things from their Grass Valley home and eventually got Grow a first-class ticket home to have surgery.

"It's just the little things you overlook every day and you don't think about," Grow said. "It's nice because I got just a little bit of a wake-up call."

Grow admits to having too much to drink the night of her fall. The time in the hospital and now back at home recovering has given her plenty of time to think and reflect.

The couple is grateful for all the help from family and friends, as well as all who donated to their GoFundMe campaign. Grow and Wolfgurber are still taking donations as their medical bills continue to pile up.

Grow just got a walker and plans on taking strolls on her patio some day soon. The couple also has a wedding to plan at some point, if they can lock down a date.