Hydrate Properly with Rescue Sports Water

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It's always important to keep your body hydrated, especially during these hot summer days.  However, drinking water alone doesn't give you all of the necessary nutrients your body needs to be a it's peak performance.  That's where Rescue Sports Water comes to the rescue.  Rescue Sports Water is the first all natural water that helps keep the body's electrolyte levels balanced and hydrate you faster.  It contains potassium, one of the most vital minerals to keep the body fueled.  The best part is that the water has no added taste, it's just clean refreshing water.  You can check out the product at the upcoming Paddle Splash Festival.  Buy the water online or at Elk Grove Vitamins.  Hydrate properly with Rescue Sports Water!

More info:
Paddle Splash Festival
July 28th-29th
1921 Hazel Avenue, Gold River