Police Arrest Man Accused of Committing, Filming Lewd Acts in Public

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FAIRFIELD -- Fairfield police are looking for more victims of a man accused of lewd behavior in public.

The Fairfield Police Department believes Enrique Cisneros has approached many women and performed lewd, sexual acts in front of them. They apparently want to build a case against him to keep him off the streets for as long as possible.

The arrest of 25-year-old Cisneros began with a traffic stop on East Travis Boulevard and Sunset Avenue for talking on his cell phone while driving.

Cisneros has a long history of lewd sexual behavior in public involving women and girls, including incidents in Alameda County and at Solano Community College. Because he was on probation the police electronic crimes unit went through his phone and found numerous videos.

He apparently took videos of himself committing lewd acts on public streets as cars drove by, walkways, trails and in public restrooms, even in fast food drive-thrus. Victims in the videos could be heard being surprised by Cisneros, who often hid in the bushes waiting for his chance.

"It doesn't surprise me at all, there's really a high population of them," said Hannah Ford.

Cisneros looked vaguely familiar to Ford, who said there are far too many people with mental health issues walking the streets. She has cautioned her children.

“'Don’t walk through, like across the street, there with them at the end,'" Ford told her children. "'You don’t walk through that. You stay where there’s paved areas, there’s no bushes.'"

Others, like Jerry Hutchinson, just had to laugh at Cisneros’ obsession with his own image.

“That he would record himself having no idea that it would incriminate him, that is funny," Hutchinson said. "So, I appreciate him doing that; selfies have gone to another level."

It's no joke to Fairfield Police, who don't want a person like Cisneros wandering around places where there are kids and families. It's a sobering prospect for everyone in Fairfield, including Hutchinson, who is part of her neighborhood watch group.

“We help each other out, so yes, I hope people do recognize him and help him help himself. Better than he already has, right?" Hutchinson said, laughing.

For the time being Cisneros is in jail, charged on suspicion of the lewd conduct seen on the videos. Police believe their case would be stronger if they had eyewitnesses and victims of Cisneros to go along with the video evidence. They are hoping that the public can contact them with any information.