Sacramento Police Seize Illegal Assault Weapons, Arrest 5 Men in Oak Park

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SACRAMENTO -- While patrolling Oak Park Wednesday, the Sacramento Police Department's South Gang Enforcement Team spotted a man exit a vehicle with an assault style rifle and run behind a house.

Officers approached the car and came in contact with several other men. The man who initially fled from the car with the rifle returned and was detained.

The four men found in the car were also detained.

While searching the vehicle officers foundĀ a loaded handgun, a loaded large capacity rifle magazine and additional ammunition. They found the assault rifle behind the car.

"These types of weapons are not only illegal, but tremendously dangerous to the community to officers, to whoever is approaching these people," said Sgt. Bryce Heinlein with the Sacramento Police Department.

After obtaining a search warrant for a nearby home belonging to one of the men officers seized an additional assault rifle, a handgun and a high capacity loaded magazine.

All of the men were arrested for firearm and conspiracy related charges.

Community activist Berry Accius told FOX40 he was at the arrest scene, heading there after police because he knew one of the suspects.

"When I saw him in handcuffs, I was disappointed," Accius said.

Accius believes gun raids like the one on Wednesday don't address the bigger problems. He says more opportunities for youth in Oak Park and elsewhere is key to ending the violence.

"Why is it that a young person can get a gun quicker than they can get a job?" he said. "That has to be kind of like one of the stigmas of what we're kind of positioning ourselves to make sure we change."