Comedian Pablo Francisco Taken Away in Ambulance After Sacramento Show

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SACRAMENTO -- Comedian Pablo Francisco was taken away from his show at Punch Line Sacramento Saturday on a stretcher.

Warning: Videos below contain language that some may find offensive.

Joe Decker was there for what he thought would be Francisco's final set of the night. Instead, he captured a video of Francisco being carried to a waiting ambulance.

"We're just waiting down there and then all of a sudden they bring him down on a stretcher. And we're right there waiting and seeing him," Decker said. "And at that point he looked like he was convulsing. His arms were kind of flailing."

A Youtube video shows Francisco fall and eventually exit from the stage after what the video claims was around 15 minutes of strange behaviors.

"He fell off the stage and was stuck in a drug induced loop the entire show," wrote Youtube user JakeyAirplane.

Francisco can be heard repeating several coherent and incoherent lines. Many times he quotes the Allstate slogan saying, "Are you in good hands with Allstate?"

At one point the comedian's microphone cord becomes detached. A man, who the video claims was Francisco's friend, Steve Kramer, tries to help Francisco as he continues to speak into the disconnected microphone.

Kramer stands alongside the comedian during the entire incident and coerces him off stage.

In a tweet Sunday Francisco issued an apology for his actions.

Punch Line later tweeted a statement saying Francisco's next appearance would be canceled "due to illness" and all ticket holders would be refunded.

After Punch Line's tweet, Francisco apologized to his fans again, promising to get some rest.

The comedian's fans say they don't want to see this ruin a favorite comedian's career.

"You don't have to be funny and take drugs at the same time. He's a natural comedian," Decker said. "He's great at what he does. You know, get yourself together do your fans can come and really appreciate you and see a great show."

Francisco and Kramer have been touring together and working on an animated series, according to Kramer's website.

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