Evacuees Seeks Refuge from Detwiler Fire

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PLANADA -- Spinning her new stuffed animal around, little Liberty and her younger sister, Serenity, had no idea that where they were eating and playing Tuesday night -- a Red Cross shelter -- is all because their family has lost both liberty and serenity thanks to the Detwiler Fire.

"Today, as we were looking around from our house, we could see the fire start to crest over the mountain...Guadalupe Mountain," said Andrew Tiner, an evacuee from Mariposa.

Tiner decided he needed to get his wife, children and sisters out of Mariposa as soon as possible -- fears confirmed by a mandatory evacuation that soon followed.

Two year-old Haley is one of several animals they were able to get away from their small Burl Drive ranch & farm.

While many fled to Oakhurst, the Tiners were one of the first families to seek refuge at Planada's Cesar Chavez Middle School turned shelter.

Though many in  town are concerned, for Chobani, this is a no-fear situation.

"I'm dependent on Jesus and whatever He wants me to do, that's what I want to do to please Him. And so if He wants me to go through this, then by all means I want to because that would strengthen my faith in Him," she said.

A strike team from the Sacramento area is on the way to try to reduce any trial the Tiners and any other family may have to go through thanks to what's burning.

"This is the structure protection engine, so what these engines will be concentrating on is going into neighborhoods and positioning themselves in such a way as to save homes and  structures if they begin to burn," said Chris Harvey with the Sacramento Fire Department.

"We're still holding onto our faith in Jesus. Uh, we would like to know more of what's going on, but you can only know so much, and you know the firefighters are doing the best job they can, and you just have to be patient," Tiner said.

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