Never-Ending Citrus Heights Yard Sale Angering Neighbors

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CITRUS HEIGHTS -- They're the kind of items you might see at a weekend yard sale -- a fridge, a laptop, an Xbox that may or may not work.

But folks who live near Florabelle Avenue in Citrus Heights say that stuff hasn't moved in months, and the perpetual yard sale has them peeved.

"It's ugly, everything that goes on there," said Tami Pfau.

"It just brings down the quality of life, the overall quality of life," said Bob Pfau.

"You know honestly, we usually do generate a lot of success with the first couple steps of the process," said Sgt. Jason Baldwin, talking about code enforcement in the city.

But that hasn't been the case with the house at 6859 Florabelle.

Code enforcement officers within the Citrus Heights Police Department have actually been trying to get that corner cleaned up since April 3.

That's when they got their first complaint call about what was going on at the property.

But, the sinks and broken sconces have stayed in place as officers have moved  through the code violation process.

It starts with a courtesy notice and can step all the way up four levels to the issuance of an abatement warrant. There's a 15-day waiting period between each step to give owners a chance to act.

"She's actually not in at the moment. She should be back within a couple hours," said a man who stepped out of the home, balancing a toddler in his arms.

That's what FOX40 heard when we tried to find out what was going on.

Moments later while we were standing on the city sidewalk, a woman shouted at us to get off her property but wouldn't come out to share their side of the perpetual sale.

Officers were close to warrant status with the female owner on Florabelle, and then two weeks ago the house sold at auction due to years worth of unpaid property taxes.

"There's now a new owner, and we start the process over again with the new owner," said Baldwin.

As upset as neighbors have been about the "for-purchase pile," they have bigger complaints about strange comings and goings at all hours from what that they say are drug-related.

"When you have grown men on mountain bikes at night, hauling stuff in and out, you know that's just, you know they're up to no good," said Pfau.

Police confirm they have recently made an arrest at the home for drug sales.

"Even though that's someone's private property, but what they do there does affect others."

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