OJ Simpson to Plead for Parole in Carson City

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CARSON CITY -- This is Prisoner 10-27-820. But, that's just what they call him here. You may know him by a different name.

"The eyeballs of the nation are looking to see how the final chapter of the OJ Simpson book ends," Attorney Mark Reichel said.

The Nevada State Parole Board in Carson City is hearing one case and one case only tomorrow --that of Orenthal James Simpson. O.J. is eligible for parole now, nine years into a 33-year sentence on convictions for armed robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy in a Las Vegas hotel room.

Simpson maintained he was there with friends trying to get stolen, autographed sports memorabilia back -- his sole source of income.

Now, he will have to convince the parole board he paid his debt.

"And to be very persuasive about how sorry he is, and that he would never do something like this again," Reichel said.

Sacramento Attorney Reichel, who's represented clients in front of state and federal parole boards, says Simpson has a number of things going for him including his age and perhaps ironically, his lack of previous convictions.

Another thing working in Simpson's favor? He's reportedly been a model prisoner while at Lovelock Correctional Center.

But while he will address the parole board from that prison in rural, northern Nevada he will do so via television. The board and any witness to testify will sit here, in Carson City.

"I'm down here today to get that final walk through ... everything is set. Everything is as anticipated today," Carson City Sheriff Kenny Furlong said.

Their biggest challenge, says the sheriff, the sheer number of media from around the world descending on Nevada's small capital to watch as O.J. Simpson, once again, makes his case.

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