Legion Playground in Stockton Destroyed by Fire

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STOCKTON -- Many Stockton families have made happy memories here at the American Legion Playground but anger set in when they learned of Thursday morning's fire that left slides and platforms warped.

"I'm just walking from a job interview. You know, had a good day and 'finna come bring my little brother and sister up here [to] actually come see this ... This is terrible," Patrick Flucas said.

Those joyful times are now tainted.

"Sad, cause this is ... I used to play with my older brother ... my big self used to play with my little brothers and stuff out here," Flucas said.

American Legion is the 4th playground in Stockton that was either vandalized or set ablaze within the last year.

Weber Point, Constitution and Shropshire playgrounds are now either partially or completely blocked off from the public.

Some park visitors feel more police are needed to keep the parks safe.

"So it's unfortunate but they just need to patrol more I guess," Chris Rocha said.

The city of Stockton says all of their playgrounds costs around $100,000.

The play equipment is insured -- but there's no telling just how much is covered.

"Like it hurts my stomach kinda to see that people really would go and get bored and do something like this," Flucas said.

But for others who take their families to play and bond here, the melted and twisted equipment has replaced the special memories they've made here.

"Fix it and make it look beautiful and colorful but it's still gonna be that memory of somebody burned down the playground... You know and that's a horrible memory to have," Flucas said.