Major Delays Expected this Weekend on Highway 50 in Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO -- Sharon Nichols Sargeant is getting ready for a big weekend. She's celebrating her 50th birthday.

"There is a lot of people coming from out of town, so we are going to have to take 50," she said.

Sharon lives in West Sacramento and frequently uses Highway 50 to get to Sacramento. Now, she's rethinking her plans.

"We are going to be stuck in traffic going and coming," she said.

Starting at 8 p.m. Friday, both sides of Highway 50 on the Pioneer Bridge will be reduced to one lane so Caltrans can repave the road.

"What we are talking about is just going off, taking that initial layer off the surface, grinding it out and making sure we check everything," said Dennis Keaton with Caltrans.

The repairs will take place for the next five weekends.

During Saturday's commute there were 15 to 30 minute delays as the roadway was narrowed down to two lanes on both east and westbound sides.

Caltrans expects the job to be done before 5 a.m. Monday.

"It's going to cause more problems, what we went through a year and a half ago," Nichols Sargeant said.

If repaving Highway 50 sounds familiar to you, you're right. Back in 2014 Caltrans spent $6 million repaving lanes and just three years later we're back to square one.

"For whatever reason that surface did not stick to the deck. We are conscientious that this is taxpayer money so we were trying to go with a less expensive product this time around," Keaton said.

Caltrans estimates repaving Pioneer Bridge this time will cost close to $25 million, which is frustrating for taxpayers.

"That is pretty much ridiculous. I mean if they used cheaper material that means somebody dropped the ball somewhere," Nichols Sargeant said.