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After Nearly 24 Hours, Power Restored in West Sacramento After City Truck Knocks Down Power Poles

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WEST SACRAMENTO -- For almost 24-hours, residents in a West Sacramento neighborhood were left to sweat without air conditioning while PG&E crews worked to turn their power back on.

"Around 10:40 we just heard this weird pop and then all my circuits broke. And I was like, why are my circuits broke. And I went outside and I saw the pole and it was just sideways, that's why," said West Sacramento resident Christina Godwin.

Monday morning, a city vacuum truck was in the area of Kegle Drive and Fremont Boulevard to drill some holes to help fix a water service break. Somehow, the boom on the truck managed to knock down four power poles, taking several lines with it.

Godwin lives across the street from where the accident occurred, and she says she didn't get much sleep last night.

"All night long last night all the lights and all the noise, so it was pretty noisy throughout the night, and it was just really bright," Godwin said.

For Jwuala Sharma and her family, their biggest complaint was the heat.

"We opened all the windows and doors. I wake up and light the candle inside my room, and they working here lights going in my room," Sharma said.

Even so, Godwin tried to make the best out of the situation, and in the end, she was grateful her grandkids were forced to spend the day without their electronic devices.

"We enjoyed the time away from their screens and internet," Godwin said. "So they got to play outside. I saw a lot of the other children in the neighborhood playing too, it was really nice to hear the kids because they are usually inside."